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Multi-Cap Value

Meliora’s Multi-Cap Value Equity Strategy

The Multi-Cap Value Strategy is an actively managed strategy which serves as our clients’ core flagship U.S. stock market allocation.  The portfolio can include public companies of all sizes (Multi-Cap) and in any industry.  The intent is to provide a strategic cross-section of the U.S. stock market.

Meliora’s Approach

Value investing, as we define it, is accomplished in multiple ways. Regardless of the specific situation, our goal is to purchase stocks with a high probability of receiving a meaningfully higher value within a reasonable period of time, with expected returns always weighed against risk characteristics.  All else equal, we prefer dividend-paying stocks, but our paramount focus is on total return.

The Multi-Cap Value Strategy reflects our belief that building a portfolio of stocks in which we have significant knowledge and confidence is the best way to add value as equity portfolio managers.

Our analytical process is primarily “bottom‐up,” but we take our assessment of macro‐economic, financial, and industry conditions into account as part of the portfolio construction process. We do this because it is impossible to assess a company’s value in isolation from its industry and macro‐economic circumstances.

Please contact us for more detailed information about our Multi-Cap Value Strategy, including its risk factors.

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