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Why Meliora Capital

Every client is different and deserves personalized service. That’s easy to say, but much harder to prove. We do every day – by taking the time to understand your individual needs and objectives; by personalizing portfolios for each client; by strategically allocating your assets using active management strategies and low-cost index funds; and perhaps most uniquely, by simply being there to answer your questions and help meet your goals.

We have proven experience, particularly with MLPs and our Multi-Cap Value Equity Strategy. We maintain a disciplined focus on expected return versus the risk characteristics for all the securities we follow.

We believe in active portfolio management, and do not outsource the security selection process.  Our clients may speak directly to the investment manager making the investment decisions, which is like having the fund manager on speed dial.

Much like doctors or attorneys, we think of our firm as a “practice.” It is more than a job, or even a career, but a discipline.  We’re never content and are constantly learning from our experiences and improving.  We never want to get comfortable.  Every day we want to make ourselves “better” for our clients.

So what are your goals? Where are you, and where do you want to go? Whatever your investment expertise, we will strive to serve you. 

Contact us, and we can see how we can make things “better” for you. Feel free to review our Form ADV Part 2A & Form ADV Part 3 which provides more information about our firm.

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